“I Love You, Mum!”

“Thank You, Dad!”

Why children find it difficult to tell daddy “I love you”.


Many men are their children’s mentors and heroes. They earned this status through love, exceptionally wonderful parenting and hard work. Most men in this category are naturally loved and celebrated by their children in return. However, many of these great dads have never heard “I love you, dad” from any of their kids. Why do children, even adults find it difficult to tell their fathers “I love you” but lavishly chant “I love you, mum” to their mothers? We often read during “Fathers Day” – “I love my Dad…God bless his soul”, “My Dad was the best dad in the world”, “I love you, Dad, rest in perfect peace” and all other posthumous testimonies and declarations! This isn’t fair! Why do we find it difficult to tell daddies to their faces….”I love you”? No doubt, fathers are greatly loved by their children.
Socialization readily comes to mind here. Many of us grew up loving and honouring our parents – showing them respect as required of good children. Our parents loved us too and lavishly showed it. But, while mums readily and easily told their kids “I love you darling”, many “busy dads” were occupied with showing their kids love but never had time to say “I love you”. Naturally, the dads got “Thank You Dad” for their great deeds. Mums always got pecks on the cheeks with “I love you mummy!”
The truth is that when a father find it difficult and weighty to say “I love you” to his kids, they grow up finding it difficult to say “I love you, dad”. A case of “what you sow is what you reap”! We are all guilty of this in one way or the other.
And the way forward? Let us share love…let it go round. Dads should learn to express their love for their children (to them) verbally….like mums do. Children, love your dads and declare it to them, tell them. After all, Dads need love and warmth just like mums. What goes around comes around.