The Writers Corner, a Lagos based creative writing company has unveiled a training programme for teachers of creative writing in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. The product termed “Teaching the Teachers that Teach Creative Writing” is aimed at optimizing the results and impact of Literacy in Nigerian schools.

According to Mrs. Uchegbunam Udoji, a professional creative writing teacher and Project Coordinator/CEO of The Writers Corner, Teaching The Teachers That Teach Creative Writing, “is a product of The Writers Corner, Lagos. It was designed to empower teachers of Creative Writing by educating and exposing them to the modern trends and techniques of Creative Writing. Teachers of creative writing are, through the Course Map, offered training in general/specific methods that are age appropriate and suitable for classroom and workshop environment, thereby giving them a solid grounding in a wide variety of practical techniques for teaching creative writing at school”.

Mrs. Udoji also pointed out that “the overriding goal of the programme is to provide teachers with modern strategies to make writing fun, exciting, engaging and valuable for both students and teachers. She said the “programme offers modern and tested creative writing teaching-techniques to help teachers and students overcome writers block; hone skills of observation, description, and analysis; and cultivate a critical awareness of literary technique and craftsmanship.”

While urging private and public schools in the country to take advantage of the programme and train/re-train their creative writing teachers, Mrs. Udoji said the training is suitable for all Literacy and Classroom teachers – teachers who are already teaching Creative writing in their schools; teachers preparing to teach Creative Writing in their schools; teachers interested in offering Creative Writing as an enrichment activity and tutors of creative writing.

She assured that “after passing through the Training Programme, a participant should be able to have a deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of modern creative writing techniques and approaches; develop an enhanced perspective and insight into how to effectively teach children creative writing in school; effectively adapt various creative writing trigger-and-development techniques to his/her teaching needs and deliver greater impact; inspire young writers to approach longer pieces of writing more confidently and demonstrate practical approaches to planning and content delivery.”