Garden eggs are vegetables that could be eaten raw or cooked. Garden egg has numerous health benefits which are essential for the overall development of the human body. “Garden egg fruit is beneficial and nourishing to the body because it is rich in vitamin which provides the body with both soluble vitamin and water soluble vitamins. They are rich in thiamine required for normal growth and proper functioning of the heart and nervous system and niacin needed for cellular respiration. Garden egg is one of the anti cancer fruit which has been used for over decades, to fight against cancer and other diseases”.

One major health benefit of garden egg is that it helps to burnt fat and tends to reduce weight and keep the body fit. Nutritionists say it is a perfect food option for those interested in losing weight. Garden eggs are rich fibre and potassium. They help maintain low levels of cholesterol in the body system. Garden eggs have low calorie, low sodium, and low protein. It’s a fruit that is classified as vegetables and anyone who desires to lose weight should eat it. The high fibre content in eggplant also helps reduce bad cholesterol in the body, thereby protecting the heart.

Garden egg provides the body with both fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins. They are rich in Thiamin(vitamin B1) required for normal growth and proper functioning of the heart and nervous system Niacin(Vitamin B6) needed for cellular respiration.

Garden eggs remain a great dietary option for diabetic patients because of its ability to reduce glucose absorption in the body and lower blood sugar levels. It also possesses low soluble carbohydrates which assist in this regard. Experts say that because of the high fibre and low soluble carbohydrate content of the garden egg, it helps control or regulate glucose absorption and reduces the risk of hypertension. Garden egg is very low in calories, such that when a diabetic person consumes it, it suppresses the sugar level and brings the blood pressure down.

Garden eggs have anti-ulcer remedy, which could be used as a treatment for ulcer. Though they do not prevent or protect one from having ulcer they help suppress the ailment due to their anti-ulcer content. Also, a recent study has shown that eating plenty of garden egg can help lower eye pressure in persons with glaucoma.

  • Ike Ezugwu