Facts about the Cheetah

  • The cheetah is the fastest land animal
  • Cheetahs do not growl like lions, they hiss, purr, growl or whine
  • Cheetahs hunt in the early mornings or evenings. They do not like to hunt at night except when the moon is out
  • Cheetahs are shy and like being alone. Cheetahs do not run fast for very long or their bodies will overheat
  • They live up to 10 or sometimes 12 years of age
  • When a baby Cheetah is born, its eyes do not open for one or two weeks
  • Cheetahs eat very fast. This is to ensure that other hungry and greedy animals do not come and take their meal
  • Unlike other animals, Cheetahs are not easily seen
  • The name Cheetah is an Indian word. It means “spotted one”
  • Cheetah mothers spend long periods teaching their ones how to hunt for food