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It’s a beautiful and liberating world; the world of books.

“Reading is dreaming with open eyes” – a famous quote by YoYo. Indeed, it’s a dream, but it’s a beautiful dream cast in reality. What you experience is the wonders of speech, imagination, actions, thoughts and scenarios coming alive on the pages of books. It’s a beautiful thing. They say people who read a lot know a little about everything and this is what excites me about reading. If you really want to know how much of the television is in the book, you should read widely and with such commitment that the entire world moves into your own space. Then you do not have to travel to learn about the world. What an exciting thought; that the world can come to you in your bedroom from the pages of books.

Imagine being part of any discussion and finding yourself able to contribute to whatever subject is being discussed with a confidence that comes from knowledge. Imagine sharing the things you know about other cultures backed up by the confidence of the knowledge that comes from your reading. This is one of what reading offers to you. It transports to you in your world the world of others, from distances never before imagined. It brings to you an expansion of mind and vocabulary that will stun your audiences and crown you with confidence. The ability that a book affords you to discuss various topics is a plus any day.

If you aim to become a leader in anything, books have to become your best of friends. This is because a leader needs knowledge to lead. Knowledge comes from information and information comes from reading. Constant reading teaches you things that television cannot teach you. There is no television programme that can take you into the mind of a person. The ability of a book to describe emotions and feelings and what goes on in a person’s mind, is what makes it superior to the television. You are able to connect and identify with what goes on in people’s minds, their reasons for their actions and the emotions they feel in response to other people’s actions. That is how powerful a book is.

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Books enhance your reading skills, introduce you to new words, and encourage you to search out the meanings of the words in order to understand certain sentences, thereby helping you with the spellings and the pronunciations of such words. What better way to learn?

You will find that as soon as you turn off that TV for a moment, and immerse yourself in a book, you are exposed to a higher level of intelligence and knowledge. Your mind expands to absorb new information and what you get is a smarter and more intelligent you.

Learning is a lot easier when you read and you will find that your school grades improve tremendously because exposure to books causes a very huge impact on the brain function. And it doesn’t matter when you start reading. Start today, start now, and watch the improvement. Reading also exercises of the brain. Just like the body requires exercise to keep it functioning properly, so do the brain and mind require mental exercises to keep them functioning at optimum levels. Reading is not as tasking as body exercise is, but it can be quite informative and entertaining.

Reading books also ensures you are not bored and can therefore keep you out of mischief. I know that with the explosion of techno-gadgets; colourful television programmes, computer games, smart phones etc, many children are becoming more immersed in fast moving, lighted and animated shows; movements that can actually affect thought patterns and the ability to retain information. In other words, all the different gadgets we play with can actually affect our ability to remember things and this is a serious realization because forgetting school work can be a very dangerous thing.

Reading teaches us to think and analyze what we are reading. The learning that comes from books cannot be exaggerated. Many people have surprisingly learnt about other things when they were reading about an entirely different thing. You know a book on geography can touch on history, a bit of psychology, culture, social studies, combined with humour and story-telling. A single book can give you such a variety of learning that you cannot get from several movies over a long period. Isn’t that an exciting thought?

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Do you want to develop yourself? To be one of the smartest among your peers? To have the knowledge to answer questions in your class? To be quick to provide solutions to complex problems? To recognize quotes and passages? To know places and about places? To travel to different parts of the world without leaving your home? To improve your vocabulary and speak fluently and confidently in public? To pass examinations with ease? To provide meanings of words to others who struggle with them? Well, it’s easy. Read, read, read and read some more. Read all the time; during your break periods, at night just before you sleep, at all times, read. Pick up that newspaper that’s been sitting on that table for weeks. Read it for entertainment, for information on what’s happening in your country, to educate you on breakthroughs in science and in arts.

Whilst it is good for parents to encourage a reading culture in their children from a very early stage in development as it will help form a lasting and positive habit, a reading culture can be got at anytime of one’s development. It doesn’t matter how old you are, and it’s never too late to begin. Start reading today. Open the pages of a book and be led into a world of colour and excitement, much more than your television offers you. Choose your favourite ”channel” and dive in. And sooner than later you will begin to experience the beauty of books as they teach you and show you what a movie could never show you.

Make reading a way of life for you. Do not just wait until you are given something to read in school. Go beyond your school curriculum, read in and out of school. Build a library between your friends and you. Aim to read and pass on books. Start or become a part of an already existing book club so that you have company whilst you read and you can share your experiences with one another. Sharing ideas from books is another great way to learn.

Children who read grow up to become great people in the society. They become good orators and confident public speakers. Their command of the English Language makes them stand out in a group. Ultimately, reading will change your life and when you become absorbed in the world of books, you will wonder why you never embraced books as your TV channel of choice from the very beginning.

Hooray to books! Let’s all begin a reading epidemic. Let’s make books our favourite TV channel.


Written by Kandibe Eya for Nowchild Magazine.