Aleke Ugwuagbo.

BUHARI, notwithstanding, NIGERIA is the best that happened to us as a country. As an Igbo man, for the love of NIGERIA, I shelve my feelings towards our relationship with BUHARI.
NIGERIA as a nation is bigger than any component of the whole. LET’S look forward. BUHARI to me should he be indiscriminate in his fight against CORRUPTION is our Messiah. He has the rare gutsy will in his attempt in trying to “Lift the OLYMPUS”. Desiring to be PRESIDENT, he he came with a purpose to fight the NIGERIA’S malignant tumor, cancer of CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION has eaten into the fabrics of most NIGERIANS….the everyone is doing it phenomenal contagion and which has become a syndrome.
Those that are steeped in the business of corruption loathe him and these include his own people.
If NIGERIANS desire to get out of this quagmire of mess, we MUST get back to what made us prosperous and great in the first place. Let our youths, regardless of academic background get back to our suburban areas and farm.
We ought to look closely at the progress being made at….Ebonyi, Anambra, and Adani sector of Enugu states. These areas with their humongous shares of unemployed graduates have resorted to agrarian farming. It’s evidently obvious that these are in the BLACK BOOK of BUHARI and therefore STARVED of their own shares of the ” Federal government Pie”. These areas, with Anambra state making industrial progress remain undaunted.
Let the YORUBA youths go back to one of what put NIGERIA on the map…cocoa, kola nut farming, palm produce. From the West, palm tree plants were exported to Malaysia, Asia. Today, NIGERIA imports palm oil from these areas. What a shame? Let the Tiv people go back to feeding Nigerians with yam tubers. Let Abakaliki rice farmers strive to export rice. Let NIGERIANS again see the ground nut pyramids springing up. Let us see more hides and skins for export. How about reviving fishing as a means of gainful livelihood at the Lake Chad Basin? Let’s abandon the present status quo of lousy living and embrace working for our living RATHER than stealing to live. With the present technological dispensation, we don’t have to work harder, just smarter. It’s obvious that the mineral WEALTH alone can no longer satisfy our insatiable and increasing appetites.
If and when BUHARI is no longer in power, WHOEVER succeeds him should be tougher on fighting CORRUPTION than he is. BUHARI’S main problem is that those that are around him are the worst CORRUPT. With these people fanning the embers of corruption, BUHARI is chasing the mirage and likely to be disappointed and DISILLUSIONED. Lady AISHA opined this way and was CAJOLED by the Cabals that believe that women should be seen and not heard.
It is High time that BUHARI cleaned house if he hopes to succeed in undertaking this arduous task!
Let’s look inwards to see ourselves as part of the problem. We may find out that largely, BUHARI is not our problem. Collectively, we are.


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