The Leadership Development, Innovations & Dynamics Initiatives (LDIDI), a Nigerian Non-governmental, non-profit organization has kicked off her “Speed Kills People: Take It Easy” Road Safety Campaign. The program which took off on December 15th, 2017,  is aimed at helping reduce the spate of crashes on Nigerian roads.

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The initiative which was born on scary revelations by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on March 23, 2017, that Nigeria recorded 11, 363 road accidents in 2016 and high rate of speed violation as the major cause of the accidents in 2016, which accounted for 33.86 per cent of the total road accidents reported. A total of 30, 105 Nigerians got injured in the accidents in 2016.

The bureau also reported that no fewer than 2, 673 people died in road accidents in Nigeria between January and June, 2017. This implies an average of 15 people died each day in the first six months of 2017 in road accidents across the country.

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The President of LDIDI, Ike Ezugwu had in previous releases described the figures as scary, revealed that the organization had to wade in to help save lives. He said, ” In view of the above, we have decided to embark on this special road safety intervention tagged “Speed Kills People, Take It Easy” with the hash tag: #SpeedKillsPeople and #TakeItEasy.”  According to him, ‘Speed Kills People, Take It Easy is a speed management campaign of LDIDI to help reduce accidents on our roads this Christmas/New Year period.

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The various sub themes featuring in the campaign’s video include: Speed Kills People: Take It Easy; Don’t text and Drive; Use Your Seat Belt; Just One Driver; Stop Reckless Driving; Stop Road Rage; Don’t Drink And Drive; Obey Traffic Signs And Regulations; among many others.

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Mr. Ezugwu explained that through the program, with the program, the organization will reasonably reduce the number of road accidents and associated deaths and injuries this year in Nigeria. He also noted that campaign was slated for the festive periods of Christmas and the New Year because it is usually busy on Nigerian roads with intense business activities which ultimately culminate in travels, family re-union, festivities and fun. “It is also a period that records greatest number of accidents happens on the roads. It is also characterized by carelessness on the road by road drivers who flout traffic rules and regulations – over-speeding, texting and making calls while driving, drink-driving, unqualified drivers, over-loading of vehicles, among others. Speeding is considered one of the main risk factors for fatal crashes. Studies reveal that the relationship between speed and injury severity is particularly critical for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. There is extensive evidence from around the world that road safety campaigns complemented by the strict enforcement of laws can dramatically decrease reckless behavior on the roads. This media campaign, along with increased FRSC patrols and police enforcement, will reduce the number of road traffic crashes and unnecessary fatalities and injuries on our roads during the festive period”, he added.

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The organization urged Nigerians to participate in the program and share the messages through various social media platforms to ensure maximum reach and effectiveness of the campaign. Mr. Ezugwu also revealed that LDIDI will be embarking on far-reaching interventions in the coming year and urged the people to support the organization in whatever way they can.