By Onyekachi Ugwu


The reason APC appears to exist in Enugu state is the mere fact that the Ex Governor of Enugu State Dr Sullivan Chime joined the party and it was expected that having been governor of the state for a period of Eight years he would have brought enormous good will to the party. Well that is a good thinking but THE BITTER COLA IS NOT AS SWEET AS IT SOUNDS IN THE MOUTH. We know the crisis that bedeviled the party with his entrance. Not only that he did not join the party with known and astute politicians, political pundits soon realized that APC has become a hive of strange bedfellows with entrenched animosity that rubbished the known political line that “it is not about friendship but interest”.
Let’s not be deceived…. Strange bedfellows are strange bedfellows and that is why there remains internal crisis in the party.


Or how would anyone contemplate that the soured relationship between Dr Sullivan Chime and Okey Ezeah can be abated by mere membership of same political party? Are we not same people who hold that birds of a feather flock together? They are not of a feather. So much water has passed under the bridge. Or do we begin to believe that Sullivan Chime and Dr Sam Onyishi can ever drink from the same cup? Any brand that features the two of them as brand Ambassadors is bound for exit from the market. I recall how Dr Sullivan denigrated and derided Dr Sam Onyishi during the run up to the 2015 governorship elections and followed up on that with threats to the latter’s business. The animosity is deeply entrenched and to uproot it would be Titanic. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Or do we begin to talk about Rt. Hon Eugene Odo Ogwu, the disgraced and impeached speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly who regardless of standing out as a boyi boyi Speaker doing his masters bidding was mauled by his master? His master was Dr Sullivan Chime. But we know the story of how Rt Hon Eugene ended his meteoric rise to power and influence in Enugu State and suddenly became like flotsam on the rubble all because one man had the wherewithal to decide his fate. And decided it and booted him out as a Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Sullivan gave Eugene Odo Ogwu the unkindest cut in his political carrier and today the later is living in the shadow of his past. Can water and petrol mix in the same pot? Hell No. That’s their case in APC. Even River Venue and Niger which met at Lokoja has refused to merge into one despite thousands of years of rubbing each other’s palm.

Then comes Sen. Ayogu Eze. To Dr Sullivan, Ayogu was a marked politician who needed to be caged. Donning the cap of imprudence, Ayogu had invited the then President Jonathan to his native village Umuida to honour his mothers burial in a show of influence. Dr Sullivan swallowed hard and was head bowed. To add more gas to the raging fire, Ayogu flew over the Seat of Power with Dr Sullivan as Emperor in his chartered helicopter. That was ambition demonstrated in a vaulting fashion. Adrenaline rends Sullivan’s body and like an enraged Lion he poised to decapitate Ayogu Eze and he did satisfactorily. Ayogu took to his heels and has not allowed his feet to grace the soil of Enugu State in a long time.

Is Ayogu headed for APC? Most likely. And he is going to be in the same boat with Dr Sullivan Chime. God help the King. The paddles broke before the sail.

Of Jim Nwobodo and Sullivan Chime it is a dog eat dog stuff. Let me not even go too far. The contested landed property situate at Independence Layout near EFCC is a sore point. It raged like storm throughout the tenure of Sullivan. DO WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT denials of other pecks due to the statesman?. And both are in the same party? The journey is jinxed and stalemated.

While the feuding continues, WHO AMONG APC can hold the ground for them?

Ken Nnamani? Enugu South youths, Mothers and fathers know better. Simply put a lot laundering is needed as well as appeasement of the gods of the land. But the gods have decreed that for complete appeasement, 20 years timeframe is needed. That is like eternity.

Gbazeagu Nweke Gbazeagu? Chei…. Of a time period starting from 1990 – 1998 this Oji River born politicians who ran for Governorship of this state held sway as a champion of military oligarchy who found favour in the eyes of Sani Abacha. He was literally addressed as His Excellency as he was headed to becoming the anointed Governor of Enugu State. But Abacha died and the bird found a safe house inside a cage. That’s where he has been politically, occasionally popping out his beak through the wire mesh for a whiff of the wind. Put correctly…. Long John Silver is one legged while Captain Pew is one -eyed. That’s a bad combination for warlords. Just take the remaining eyes and cut off the remaining leg and the journey is ended.

Then comes Minister Onyeama… Well he is a core technocrat and his apathy towards mainstream politics is visible. They are just disturbing the perfect gentleman. But can he bite politically….. No. Gentlemen are gentlemen. That leaves us with Osita Okechukwu….. But outside Eke what else? Spare myself the stress of penning anything joor. But sure enough he can’t hold sway. From ACN – CPC – APC all he angles for is appointment and he has got one. That’s just the terminal of his political influence.

And there in Ezeagu is Ozo Joe Mmamel. A good politician. Charismatic. Rugged too and does great battles but WHAT CAN A BIRD with one WING DO? He is the only man standing out among those who boarded the ship of APC with Dr Sullivan. He alone cant win the war for APC.

So what is the hues and cries about? Is it about Chief Baywood Ibe? Relax men. Great guy he is but…. It takes something greater than being a great guy to shake the political tradition of Enugu State.



Source: Facebook Timeline of Onyekachi C Ugwu