Imo-AccidentLast week, two days ago precisely, 19 persons perished in a single road accident at Njaba bridge, Orlu road in Imo State –…/33188-19-people-burnt-death-imo….

I know that if any of us had the power to stop it from happening the person would have done everything possible to stop it. Anything! Nobody had the power to do that. But, are we are we really helpless? No. We are merely careless, more reactive than proactive. We wait until bad things happen (and we wail over it), rather than prevent bad things from happening altogether. Road accidents can be avoided, yes, many of the accidents can be avoided through proper safety measures and practices. We can reduce accidents on our roads, especially during festive periods through education and sensitization.

Leadership Development, Innovations & Dynamics Initiatives (LDIDI) ( is flagging-off a road safety campaign, tagged “Speed Kills People; Take It Easy” on December 15, 2017 and expects everyone to be part of it. So many messages on t-shirts, banners, digital flyers; audio and video messages have also been prepared for this noble project. With an education-based initiatives like this, we can collectively reduce accidents on our roads this yuletide period and beyond.…/

23760180_1925249081135129_567992697_oCAMPAIGN BANNERS 1

All it takes is little financial and time resources from everybody that cares. Buy a t-shirt (N5, 000 only), produce and mount a banner or signage (for same amount as t-shirt). You can also donate or sponsor one of the messages being planned for the project….and if you can, be available at Jibowu Bus Terminal in Lagos – 6 am prompt wearing the approved t-shirt or carrying a banner with any of the road safety messages. If you can afford to buy a t-shirt or produce a banner for someone who can’t, but, can be physically available for the campaign flag-off, why not do that?


And I dare ask you, if this was all you needed to do, to prevent an accident like the one on Njaba bridge, wouldn’t you do that and even more? Wouldn’t you have done that to save ONE life? Many accidents would still happen on our roads if the right measures – right road safety education, attitude and practices are not implemented. The good news is that we can PREVENT accidents. Join us in this crucial project.

111222BANNER 2

HOW? The least you can do is share this for awareness. Tell someone who matters that “speed kills people and that he or she should take it easy”.You could also drop your “penny” or give your time.

Thank you.
Ike Ezugwu (President, LDIDI)