Ike Ezugwu.

Easter Sunday is an important day in the Christian church calendar because it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, according to Christian belief. Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, two days after Good Friday, the day of his crucifixion. Easter celebration marks the end of Holy Week, in which Christians commemorate the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Gospel accounts that Jesus had his last meal (Last Super) with his disciples on the evening of a Thursday (celebrated as Holy Thursday), was arrested during the night, tried Friday morning ( which is the Good Friday), condemned, crucified, and died before sundown on Friday. He was bodily raised from the dead on the third day- Sunday, the day of Easter.

Easter is celebrated as a combination of the secular and the sacred. However, the secular should not overshadow the sacred. Easter is the soul of Christianity. Beyond doctrine is the knowledge of the truth that Jesus died to pay the penalty of death that we deserve for our sin, was buried, and rose with a glorified body, gaining victory over death and the grave. When we put our faith in Him by believing through faith alone in Christ alone, we have the promise of one day having a body like our Lord’s and reigning with Him in heaven. Therefore, Easter is not about lavish celebrations and squandering of scarce funds required for running of the family. In this austerity time, it would be absolutely unwise for parents to lavish money on new dresses, new automobiles, gadgets, drinks, food and gifts. This time around, flamboyance is out of it – unless you are insulated from the present economic hardship.

We must focus on the real value to be derived from the Easter celebrations. We must focus on the spiritual relevance of Easter. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the belief on which every other Christian belief rests. Without the resurrection, the Christian faith would have been baseless. The resurrection proved Jesus to be the Son of God. He died and rose from the dead. Christians celebrate Easter not just as a historical event but as the cornerstone of the Christian faith. Christians believe that Jesus’ triumph over death on Easter wasn’t just his triumph but ours, too.

“Christians believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus changed the world not just at a historical level — which it clearly did — but also at a supernatural level. Christians differ on the precise mechanics, but they agree on this general outline: By willingly going to the cross and then rising from the dead, Jesus of Nazareth, who is the Son of God, somehow tweaked the constants of the spiritual universe, so that sin and death are, by this action, in a fundamental way, destroyed”.

Through Christ’s death we can overcome sin and death. After the 40 days of spiritual penance by which Christians prepare for Easter, we explode with joy on Easter, because we believe that through Christ’s resurrection, we can be resurrected as well. Because Jesus Christ defeated sin and death, we are free from it in this life, and in the next, we will have eternal life with God. “If the crucifixion was about everything that is bad about the world, Easter is about how we can be free from everything bad”. For Christians, Easter commemorates the fact that, supernaturally, the resurrection of Jesus Christ changed something fundamental about the world and about humanity. For Christians, Easter doesn’t say that death is a tragedy that might, in the fullness of time, be somehow compensated. Easter says that death is a joke. Death has been defeated.

For Christians, Easter doesn’t say that suffering is something that one day might be relieved; it says that it is an illusion. In the end, the meaning of Easter is as simple as it seems: it says that life triumphs over death.

It is good to celebrate Easter to the fullest but it must be within the financial power of the family. Schools resume shortly after Easter and that means school fees must be paid. After Easter, the home must be run – food, house rent, electricity bills, hospital bills, and transportation expenses, among many others. Moderation is the key. Do everything within your own limits. The essence of Easter celebration lies in its spiritual significance. Happy Easter.