His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has graciously reappointed Hon. Nnadi, Uche Fidelis as the State Focal Person, World Bank/Development Partner Assisted Project. This is a practical confirmation of the maxim that the reward for a good work is more work. In rewarding more work, merit is put forward as a consideration in the absolute.

As a leader and devout Roman Catholic, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi appreciates the church’s position on merit as his guiding paradigm in appointing people to high offices in the past four year and still counting.

Roman Catholicism speaks of merit in three distinct ways among which is the condign merit through which God crowns freely without requiring of us any service. Another is the congruous merit which comes as nonobligatory reward while the third is the supererogatory merit which is given to one for doing above what a Christian is required.
It is in this supererogatory definition of merit that one can aptly situate the case of Hon Nnadi who was not only reappointed the State Focal Person, World Bank/Development Partner Assisted Projects but was elevated to the position of a special Government Management Functionary on Category 3, evidencing, as the case were, the gains of putting square pegs in Square holes.

Hon. Uche Nnadi, a man renowned for his seamless and cutting-edge administrative competence in the last three plus years on the seat has comprehensively rejigged and refocused the management of the World Bank/Development Partner Assisted Projects in Enugu State. Before his appointment by the witty and foresighted Governor, there was no Central Coordination Office for the Local and International Partner Assisted Projects in the State leading to not so focused and coordinated operational activities of the various Project Implementation Units (PIUs) in the state at best; and a near clandestinely managed operational units often propelled by selfish pecuniary objectives thereby denying Ndi Enugu of the much desired impact from the various interventions of the Development Partners. Determined to institute a turn around in good governance and service delivery to the good people of Enugu State, His Excellency The Governor had from the outset primed an office for effective coordination of the activities of the World Bank and Development Partners in the State.

The fruit of His Excellency’s strategic action in this regards can be seen in the wizardly managerial competence of Hon. Uche Nnadi, which in direct consequence has brought about a 360 degrees turnaround.

In the past three years, the watchwords in the State’s Project Implementation Units (PIUs) has been transparency, accountability and strict adherence to Due Process. This has led to the alignment of the various interventions to the Development Agenda of the state and also rekindled the buy-in and ownership of Enugu State Government and other critical stakeholders leading to greater impactful deliverable to the targeted beneficiaries in the state.

Curiously and importantly enough, Uche Nnadi is not your regular politician, rather he is a thorough bred technocrat who worked with a multinational oil corporation for fifteen (15) solid years and voluntarily and meritoriously retired in 2003 after haven risen to the enviable position of a Regional Manager. As a man with ears on the ground and eyes for tomorrow, he immediately ventured into private business before joining the peoples Governor in 2015. He is a role model, mentor and philanthropist per excellence, whose life has shaped and shapes that of many young men and women.
In 2003, Hon Uche Nnadi was enlisted by the people of Orba Udulekenyi for recognition among the pantheon of great men; dead and living who would for all times be seen as makers of modern Orba. Accordingly, he was crowned with the Chieftaincy title of Ochendo Orba Udulekenyi by His Royal Majesty, Late Igwe John Nwangwu.

It is only therefore trite to conclude that in Hon Uche Nnadi, Governor Ugwuanyi found a man frothing with passion for excellence in service delivery.

Onyekachi C Ugwu writes from Ezimo, Udenu Local Government Area