By Ike Ezugwu


An end to the present scarcity of petrol across Nigeria may not be at sight after all. This is evident in the number of petrol tankers parked on the road (Oshodi/Apapa Expressway in Lagos) waiting for their turn to load from the terminal in Apapa, Lagos. Nowchild Blog team visited the scenes on Saturday after the heavy rain and the findings point to more hardship for Nigerians. Most of the tankers have been on the endless queue for days, yet there is no progress. The line stretches from Apapa to Berliet Bus Stop on the popular Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, a distance of over ten kilometers.


Some of the tanker drivers blamed the scarcity on unavailability of the product for loading and distribution to different parts of the country. “This is unarguably the longest tanker-queue seen in Lagos in the past twenty five years”, a frustrated motorist in search of petrol, observed. Meanwhile, commuters continue to groan under serious hardship – few buses on the road, very high transport   fares and exorbitant increase on almost every item in the market.

So long a journey towards the “Change” people want; the change Nigerians voted for.