Ike Ezugwu


Sparkling Minds, a Lagos-based handwriting support and solutions company, organized a first-ever, fun-filled Handwriting Fun Fair at Apapa Amusement Park on May 27, 2017 (Children’s Day) to celebrate Nigerian children as well as draw attention to the art of handwriting and its importance.

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During the fun fair, school children and adults at the venue had a rare opportunity to showcase their handwriting skills. The participants wrote while cruising on rides and some of them were able to sustain their legible handwriting despite writing in motion. Writing was done on tables as well. Besides the handwriting challenges, the children participated in many writing games like the ‘mystery box’, ‘Mrs. A says’ and the ‘turn me over letter search’. Toddlers and adults were not left out as some of them had opportunity to showcase their handwriting abilities.


The Managing Partner and Chief Handwriting Instructor of Sparkling Minds, Mrs. Funmi Adefuye remarked during the event that Sparkling Minds is on the look-out for the Next Handwriting Hero, a handwriting competition for children billed to commence soon. She urged the children to keep practising neat and legible handwriting, while getting ready for the coming competition. Beyond the annual Handwriting Fun fair, Mrs Adefuye listed the core competence areas of the company to include:

  • Promotion of handwriting and its instruction in educational and corporate institutions, as well as for personal home study.
  • Offering handwriting instruction and materials to all children and adults.
  • Hosting THE NEXT HANDWRITING HEROES COMPETITION, an annual handwriting competition for children.
  • Hosting CHILDREN HANDWRITING FUN FAIR (PENS & PENCILS) annually to draw attention to the importance of handwriting and its instruction in schools.
  • Recognizing individual and corporate efforts towards the promotion of handwriting and its instruction in Nigeria.
  • Tracking and communicating technical trends in the development of handwriting, its instruction and materials.