The heart is the engine room of life. When it is well taken care of through proper eating, exercising and cleansing, the heart carries us through life in good health, with strength and vigour and most importantly peace. Yet, the heart is really a small organ in terms of size when compared to the entire body which it services. This fact (that size is not always the issue) is also true in very many other areas of life.

Careful thought will show you that the heart holds both physical as well as spiritual implications. The heart, in the physical sense, is that organ that pumps blood to various parts of the body. It takes the air from the nose and mouth and channels it to the entire body. In short, it holds life, and when it stops beating, death sets in. I pray for you that you will live long; you will see your children’s children, you will fulfill your destiny in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Spiritually, the heart is the center of our thinking. It accepts anything and everything we expose ourselves to from other people’s words, actions and inactions; it accepts what we allow in through the type of programmes we listen to and watch on the radio and television – some clean and most unclean – words, pictures and ideas; the books and magazines that we look at and read both openly and secretly – the heart accepts everything. It does not discriminate at all. It operates on a service-slave obedience: whatever you feed me, I accept. If you feed me with positive information, I accept it and process it into even more positive ideas that you can use today and in the future; if you feed me with negative and dirty information, I also accept it and build up to destructive ideas for you to use today and in the future. Did I hear you say “God forbid!”?

The heart continues to process such communication even when you are no longer conscious that you have fed your heart with such materials and ideas. The heart dutifully digests, cooks and produces from what it has been fed over the years till the opportunity comes when it turns such into actions and our actions become our character!

So, do you have a heart is a rhetorical question – it is not whether there is a heart in your body for every human being has a physical heart. The actual question, my friend, is what are you feeding your heart? The answer to this can be easily seen from your actions and inactions. It can be seen from the sort of friends you have. It can be gleaned from the type of programmes you expose yourself to. In fact, it is obvious from how well you obey your parents and teachers and above all, how you relate to your Creator.

The Bible says “as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.” Stop right now: what were your thoughts before you picked up this magazine? What was the programme you watched last on television or cable – was it an educative one? What thoughts do you have for others: are there some people you are in enmity with or thinking negatively about? Remember that the heart takes whatever you feed it. Feed your heart with only the best thoughts, the best plans, and the best ideas. Share quality items and ideas with others: for example, get your siblings and friends to also get a copy of this magazine so they can be blessed by the positive information in it.

Look in the Bible: what chapter and verse in the Letter of Paul to the Church in Philippi says “whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report…think on these things? The first ten correct answers will be rewarded.

Written by Anthony Ajero for Vol. 2, Issue 2 of Nowchild Magazine.