We are all very conversant with “Love your neighbor as yourself” and can easily connect with it. However, what many of us don’t know or gloss over is that the statement takes it for granted that we love ourselves so much, ultimately cherish and preserve that. The figure of speech used – Simile – likes the love required of us towards of our neighbor to the one we have for ourselves, known as self-love. That is comparison.

The injunction, I make bold to point out, assumes, wrongly too, that everybody loves himself or herself. Some people do not love themselves! Therefore, my fear is that when we relate that injunction to them, we are in for a loveless scenario. Doesn’t this explain so many sadistic happenings around us? Doesn’t it point to the wickedness that has enveloped our world in recent times? Somehow, it does. You must love yourself before you can love another person adequately. One most important thing to do that will affect your love for your neighbor is to love yourself with strong commitment to accept yourself for whom you are. When this happens, you can channel your positive energies that come with self-love towards others. Begin with loving yourself now!