Ike Ezugwu

27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna, mother of two, wife to one man on my mind.


As I sat down this morning for my breakfast of “Agege bread” with a cup of Organo Gold Caffe Latte, the thought of this specially celebrated “Agege bread” vendor, Jumoke, flashed through my mind. I ruminated on the miracle that it all was and then, the rare man of a husband she has. Joseph, the carpenter, the man to whom Holy Mary was betrothed, before the” Immaculate Conception” flashed through. I couldn’t clearly connect this new thought but my mind keeps lingering around it. Even now! Maybe, it’s just that men should allow women to be used by God without fuss. Maybe it’s about gender parity. Maybe equality. I don’t know. Can’t figure it out.


Back to Jumoke, Some men would not have had it; just like some Josephs of this world wouldn’t have condoned the idea of “getting pregnant without sex”! Some that I know would have gone to all lengths to stop the emergence of a Jumoke that we know today.


Olajumoke ‘The bread-seller’ takes delivery of luxury apartment in Lagos (4)

Not many men would stomach their “wives taking photos with pop stars, musicians and actors” without permission even. Not many men will tag along…. Thank God Jumke’s husband did! That is what International Women’s Day is teaching us – Allow women!

What IWD 2016 demands…. #PledgeForParity

As we mark IWD on March 8, 2016, let us follow this young man’s example.

I hope that Olajumoke’s husband, Mr. Orisaguna, arrives his “Nineveh” safely….to preach and teach the word. Jona did!

Step it up for gender equality march.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!