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Now Child Blog is a family-focused blog dedicated to strengthening the family institution and proper upbringing of the child. Now Child Blog has a slant for positive ideas and processed information, healthy lifestyle, wellness, parenting, education and mentoring.

We believe that the challenges of parenting and modern living put so much pressure on the family, especially the child hence this platform for distilled discussion and communication on critical issues and concerns of the family.

As in Now Child magazine, the parent organ, Now Child Blog offers every member of the family positive engagement with topics, issues and ideas that add value to modern living. Beautifully presented and illustrated, the blog covers art, science, history and general knowledge in a way that is sure to inspire curious young minds and also empower parents, teachers and adult readers.

Now Child Blog is a veritable advert and brand communication platform for family-focused brands and campaigns and guarantees effective reach and ultimately, great value from advert spend.