I didn’t see you coming, yet, when you came, I embraced you with all I have

In return, you consumed me and communed with my soul intricately

You awakened my soul and caused it to reach for more

You planted an unquenchable fire in our hearts and brought bliss to our souls

and peace to our longing hearts

Now, my strength returns and I feel the vigour of my loins, the full weight of desire

I can move mountains and cast them as pebbles

I have conquered all the conquerable and courage has enveloped me

At last, the conqueror is conquered

Take me home to your sanctuary

Let me put my head down on your laps and savour the incense of bliss

Though I come and come, don’t let me go

Don’t wake me up

It’s a journey, I for long, longed for.

  • Ike Ezugwu.