Let’s be honest, guys. Baby’s first birthday is more for the family and friends and less for the guest of honor. However, when you look back on this milestone birthday celebration together, your little boy or girl will be able to relive the special day. Babies are a handful, but planning a party perfect for them doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help with first birthday party ideas!
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Girls 1st Birthday Parties

They say girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice so the best way to celebrate her first birthday is by throwing a bash sweet and frilly. Show everyone that’s she’s your little princess with pretty pastel colors, lace and flowers, and plenty of sparkles.

Her personality is just showing through, so we’ve put together a Pinterest board to show you all the different ways to celebrate her!

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Boys 1st Birthday Parties

Your little guy is probably just starting to be mobile, so that means he’s getting his hands in everything. He’s probably got a favorite toy or favorite character and you can bring it to life for his 1st birthday bash. No matter what he’s into, from sports to playing outside, there’s no denying that your little one is bursting with energy. Capture his essence with vibrant colors, fun party games and don’t forget the cake!

We put our favorite boys party ideas together on Pinterest to help you get inspired for your celebration!



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Party Favors

No matter how young, or old, your guests are, everyone loves a goodie bag. But when you’re planning something as special as a first birthday party, it might be the last thing you think about. Luckily for you, we’re all about the party favors. You can get crafty and DIY something special for your guests or you can purchase already put together kits. You can even go the extra mile and personalize them to make sure your bash is an event no one will forget.

Don’t sweat the favors too much! We’ve taken the guess work out of picking the perfect goodies to give your guests on our Pinterest board!



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Party Games & Crafts

We know the main event of any first birthday party is when you let the guest of honor get his or her hands on their very own cake. And maybe some of us are hoping that cake smashing was socially acceptable for all ages…However, don’t forget to keep your guests entertained for the rest of the time with some fun party activities. From DIY keepsakes or crafts to pass down to your baby as he or she gets older, to games that get your guests moving, the possibilities are endless.

Making things age-appropriate has never been easier. Check out all of our favorite games and activities for inspiration!