By Ike Ezugwu.

That things are hard and the economy in very bad shape is no longer news in Nigeria – persistent fuel scarcity, weakened Naira, loss of jobs and dwindling family income, more bills to settle (school fees, high house rent, electricity bills -without light, high cost of food and transportation….), job loss, unemployment, insecurity, corruption, poor leadership and a lot more! However, what continues to make news and headlines is the extraordinary ways each individual employs to succeed. The following tips will help you succeed in times of adversity and austerity.

  1. Be real and true. To survive the present hard time, you must be true to yourself. Do not pretend to be anybody else or what/whom you are not. Love yourself and be confident of your own potentials. It does not pay to deceive yourself or others. Once you remain true to yourself and live your life according to your own potentials and opportunities, people will adjust their expectations of you and accept you the way you are.
  2. Don’t live to impress people and end up depressing yourself. Live according to your means and resources. Do not spend more than you earn and avoid borrowing to fuel needless lifestyles. Cut off the excesses in your life and re-size. You must properly prioritize everything and let “opportunity cost” guide you.
  3. Look inwards for solutions to your challenges. Seek new ways of doing things and do not be afraid to embrace change- after all, change is the only constant thing known to man. Also try and do for yourself some of the things, chores and services you give out to others at a fee. Learn to do things yourself and save money.
  4. Explore new grounds. Open your mind to new ideas and try something new. Out of adversity comes prosperity! Ask yourself critical questions. Are you where you should be? Have you been standing on same ground for so long? Is it time to move? Do not allow your mind to be ruled by fear.
  5. Look before you leap or jump. Even when you believe it is time to try something new, don’t be in a hurry to cut ties with the present venture or engagement. Do a thorough feasibility study on any venture you want to embark on, be satisfied with results there-from before you take off. Leaving what you have without a road-map to your new destination could be foolish in the long run. All that glitters is not gold as things are not always what they seem to be. Be careful, not afraid. Have courage.
  6. Love more! Show love and care to all that deserve it – yourself, your spouse, your children, your family, your neighbours, your relatives, the less privileged…all. Love conquers all and has a way of lightening our burdens. Don’t get it twisted! Let the golden rule guide you – “Do unto others as you would love them do onto you”.
  7. Pay attention to wellness. Ensure that your lifestyle does not negatively affect your health. Eat well and eat right. Health is wealth.
  8. Work hard and work smart. Seek out smarter ways of doing things. Focus not just on money, the value derivable is more important. After all, money is just what money can buy or attract.
  9. Be patient with yourself and others. Do not be in a hurry to reap. While waiting for your mango tree to grow and yield fruits, be contented with vegetables you plant around it.
  10. Hold on, don’t quit. Do not allow the present hard economic situation demoralize you. Do your beat and leave the rest to God. Pray as often as you can and believe God.

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